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Q: What is the difference between furnaces and boilers?
A: A boiler heats water, which flows through a series of pipes which radiates heat throughout the house.
A furnace heats air, which is then moved through the house using a blower motor.

Q: What is the difference between hydronic boiler systems and steam boiler systems?
A: A hydronic boiler must always be completely filled with water and typically requires an electric pump for circulation of hot water.
In a steam boiler, high intensity of water boiling takes place in order to convert water into steam.

Q: What is the difference between well pumps, sump pumps, sewage pumps and circulation pumps?
A: A well pump is a multistage centrifugal pump for lifting water from deep, small-diameter wells. A surface electric motor operates the shaft. Also known as vertical turbine pump.
A sump pump is a pump removing liquid from a sump by raising fluids by suction.
A sewage pump is designed to remove sewage from a location to a public sewer or septic tank.
  A circulation pump is used to drive condensing water through the casing, or tubes, of a surface condenser.

Q: What is the difference between direct and indirect water heater systems?

A: An indirect hot water system is where the boiler heats water in a primary circuit flowing through a heat exchanger coil in a hot water cylinder.
In a direct system, the water supply feeds the boiler and then the taps.

Q: What are the different water treatment systems available?
A: A reverse osmosis water treatment is a process by which a solvent such as water is purified of solutes by being forced through a semipermeable membrane through which the solvent, but not the solutes, may pass.
A filter/softener water treatment is a device that monitors and reduces the hardness of the water.
When used in water filtration, an ultra violet water treatment has been proven to be efficient in reducing harmful bacteria, chemicals and microbes in drinking water and is considered to be an effective way to treat water.
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